Our commitments

Responsible fishermen today for
a sustainable fishery tomorrow


The fisherman is not a predator who, only driven by cupidity, destroy biodiversity and exhausts the sea resources.

This image, used by some as the worst case scenario « Sea fishes are dying out » to run their businesses is far from reality and the commitment taken by the French professionals toward our Society.

Therefore, the National Committee for Maritime Fisheries and Marine Fish Farming commits to:

  • A responsible fishery through: raising fishermen awareness on fundamental issues such as new regulations.
  • A balanced exploitation of marine resources thanks to an active participation of the fishermen, in partnership with the scientific world, in the management of resources.
  • The implementation of an Eco systemic approach which goes through improvements of the knowledge of the different species and fishery zones, thus enhancing the selectivity of fishing gears and the respect of sensitive areas.
  • Respect and involve in the conception of environmental standards. This way, the professionals contribute to the implementation of projects, in partnership with association for the protection of the environment, such as the management of wastes found in the sea.

These commitments come along with a social development and the enhancement of the fishery industry professions:

  • 18000 seamen on board
  • 2100 employees in 560 fish trade and transformation companies.
  • 500 positions in marine fish farms
Mis à jour le 20 February 2015