Our missions

The National Committee for Maritime Fisheries and Marine Fish Farming (CNPMEM) is at first the structure to which every fisherman in metropolitan and overseas departments subscribes.

The Committee is in charge of representing them, without restriction regarding the type of fishery (from the individual angler to the tuna fishermen in the Indian Ocean) or the species caught. It ensures the promotion of the general interests of these professional activities.

Loyal to its commitments, the CNPMEM contributes to a responsible organization of the fishery resource management, notably when it is the initiator of framework rules concerning some fisheries.

Since the 2010 reform, and due to the importance of the environmental issues, the CNPMEM is missioned to contribute to the implementation of public policies for the protection and the enhancement of the environment, empowering a sustainable and responsible fishery.

To do so, the CNPMEM is involved in economic and social actions in favor of its members.

Since the 2010 reform, the CNPMEM may handle missions in technical industrial centers.

In the social field, the CNPMEM may give its opinion when he is consulted about, for example, the creation of legal and regulation measures applicable to vessel crews, fishery and fish farming employees, especially if it deals with security, training or the promotion of professions.

Mis à jour le 8 April 2015