Our interlocutors

The CNPMEM plays a strategic role in the representation of the French fishery interests.

As fishery policy is mainly the result of rules proposed by the European Union, the CNPMEM, based in Paris, is working as a network with all regional, interdepartmental and provincial Committees for Maritime Fisheries and Marine Fish Farming, including those overseas, and the producer organizations located on the coastline.

This situation gives the CNPMEM the possibility to create and maintain privileged relationships with:

  • The Ministry for Fishery and Fish Farming.
  • The Ministry for Environment
  • The National Assembly and the Senate.
  • FranceAgriMer, the office in charge of marine products
  • The Ifremer
  • The Agency for protected marine areas
  • The Maritime Cluster
  • The Competitiveness Clusters
  • France Filière Pêche

Its location also gives the possibility to quickly reach Strasbourg or Brussels where the European Parliament, the Council of Ministers and the European Commission meetings are held.

The CNPMEM also takes part in the work of Advisory Boards, entities born from the Common Fishery Policy which aim at gathering the professionals and the civil society at a European regional rim level. The CNPMEM also contributes to works on the international organization of fisheries such as the ICCAT (for tuna fish in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea), the CTOI (for tuna fish in the Indian Ocean) or the CGPM (Commission for Fishery Management in the Mediterranean Sea).

Mis à jour le 20 February 2015