Fishery in the French overseas departments

Overview of the fishery in the DOM

If France claims its rank of maritime power due to its 11 million square kilometers maritime surface, it is justified because of its DOM. In 2014, the DOM counted 2623 fishery vessels (for 4537 in the metropolis) and 3208 seamen on board.

The professional organization in the DOM

The fishery committee network also includes the overseas departments. In Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana and La Réunion (an ongoing study is conducted for Mayotte), the Fishery Committees are also recognized as exerting public service remits and are able to endorse the functions of a technical and industrial center. As distinct from the metropolitan committees, the regional committees overseas counts representatives of the downstream industry (first buyers and fish processors) and of the recreational fishery (who are not entitled to vote in the Committee Management Board). The missions of these committees are the same as for a metropolitan regional committee with, nevertheless, the capacity to deliver opinion on the regulation in relation with recreational fishery, and to exert the missions of a technical and industrial center.

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Mis à jour le 27 March 2015