Management of the fisheries

In France, the professional fishing activity is one of the most regulated.
In fact, there are no species that has no rule concerning the harvest,
nor areas where professional fisherman could work « freely ».


The fishery is one of the most ruled and monitored activities. This situation results from an abundant regulation at international, community and national levels. The professionals also complete this dense system.

Beyond the use of fishing gears, the access to the different fishing areas, the management of species, the monitoring of the activity onboard or onshore, and this regulation also concerns the safety of vessels and men, the training, the sanitary aspect and setting on sale.

This regulation is a necessary condition to a responsible and sustainable fishery. The CNPMEM commits to these actions in this perspective.

This commitment is even more important that one must understand fishery is operating in a « shared space ». The different fishing spaces located in French waters are open, under some conditions, to vessels belonging to citizen of the European Union Member States or even to vessels from other countries in case of an international fishing agreements. The same way, French vessels may be operating in international waters or territorial waters of others States.

At France level, the Minister in charge of Fishery has the responsibility to monitor the activity. He may delegate this task, either to prefects, or to the professionals. This way, the CNPMEM and the CRPMEM contribute to the conception of management rules, or may even elaborate them by themselves.

Usually, the management rules are:

  • Setting fishing quotas up
  • The establishment of minimal sizes of catches
  • The establishment of fishery calendars.
  • The determination of technical measures (size of the gears and mesh size of the nets, for example).
  • The establishment of numerous clausus such as the determination of the number of vessels authorized to operate in a defined area.

These different rules may combine and appear in text establishing « fishing authorization », whether national or European.

Mis à jour le 27 March 2015