ACRUNET – Sustain the European crab industry

The CNPMEM is a partner of the ACRUNET (Atlantic Crab Resource Users Transnational Network) Interreg program, which aims at improving the economic sustainability of the edible crab industry, thanks to a transnational cooperation between the countries concerned with this species.

This program is born as a solution to market difficulties frequently encountered by European crab producers. Following a dialogue phase started in 2010-2012 between the professional organizations of the main producer countries (UK, Ireland and France), the idea to formalize this transnational partnership in order to find durable solutions has emerged.

ACRUNET was created in 2012 and for three years. It gathers a consortium of partners of all horizons (professional organizations, state agencies, scientific entities) and covers the entire industry: catching, processing, transport and commercialization.

Using of a range of targeted actions, ACRUNET try to find solutions to the main identified challenges: establish a better adequacy between offer and demand thanks to a better intake management, improve the sustainability of this fishery and the quality of its products, or increase the promotion. The main asset of this program is the exchange network composed of partners who act as a communication platform and enable the treatment of the problems encountered with reactivity and confidence.

For the French crab fishermen, the program ACRUNET is the first step of a long-term approach whose purpose is to improve the profitability and work conditions of this fishery, in addition to the fact that crab stocks exploited by the French fishermen are in very good conditions.

Find the detailed description of the program on the ACRUNET brochure and all the news on the official website.

ACRUNET is a program of the Atlantic Area.

Mis à jour le 27 March 2015