GEPETO : Sharing knowledge for a sustainable fishery

GEPETO (Gestion de las Pesquerias y Transnational Objectivos) contributes to the objective of « reinforcing competition and innovation capacity of the maritime economy niches of excellence » of the program INTERREG IVB « Espace Atlantique ». It has been initiated by members of the Southern Western Waters Advisory Council (SWWAC) and the North Western Waters Advisory Council (NWWAC), networks of economic actors gathering notable fishery companies of the Atlantic coastline, in order to propose long-term management plans for the fisheries, true business plan for the industry.

The partners are based in Portugal, Spain, France and Ireland. Fishery administrations in these countries gave their support and will be fully-involved throughout the project. Happening from 2012 to 2014, at the time when the CFP(Common Fishery Policy) will be revised, the project will contributes to public policies in favor of the regional-scaled management of fisheries, broadly supported today. The project will deal with the coordination, communication and creation of a SWWAC atlas of the fisheries, the creation of management units and long term management plans. These activities involve professionals, scientists, administrations and NGOs.

In a general manner, the profession of fishermen is not so compatible with an accurate follow-up of the various pertinent technical discussions or files in favor of an improvement of the fishery management. This gap between the « in situ reality » and the preparation of standards is detrimental to the further application of regulations. The SWWAC has for essential mission to reduce this gap by implying more directly the fishery professionals in the regulatory preparation. The project GEPETO offers financial and technical supports to the SWWAC in order to achieve this mission.

The purpose of creating a long term management plan for demersal fisheries of mixed natures in the Bay of Biscay is the final objective of the case study « Bay of Biscay » selected in GEPETO among seven others.

This is why the CNPMEM applied and was selected to support the SWWAC in the development of the case study « Bay of Biscay ».

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Mis à jour le 27 March 2015