LANGOLF-TV: Underwater video-based evaluation of the Norway lobster stock in the Bay of Biscay

The program LANGOLF-TV, carried by the CNPMEM in partnership with IFREMER, consists in the feasibility analysis of the Norway lobster stock in the Bay of Biscay using underwater video. This method, recognized by the ICES, is frequently used by several member states in the evaluation of other Norway lobster stocks. It involves identifying the abundancy of Norway lobster by counting the number of burrows.

A first experimental oceanographic campaign will take place in La Grande Vasière during the fall 2014, with the vessel Celtic Voyager of the Marine Institute (Irish National Agency for Marine Research) and the participation of a team from Ifremer. A professional fishery vessel will accompany the scientific vessel in order to collect, by trawling operations, complementary data.

If the conclusions of this experimentation are positive in terms of operational capability and obtained results, the possibility to render it durable will be studied via the program LANGOLF-TV.

To obtain regular and good quality fish stock evaluations represents in fact a major issue for fishery professionals, who strongly invest themselves in providing data and participate to scientific research.

With financial assistance of France Filière Pêche and the Head Department for Maritime Fisheries and Fish Farming.

Mis à jour le 27 March 2015