Partnerships between scientists and fishermen

Thanks to the good practices study, a certain amount of projects based on partnerships between scientific and fishery worlds have been identified.

A « good » scientific/fishermen partnership implies that both stakeholders are invited to table discussions as soon as the project is conceived. For example, if a professional structure asks IFREMER for the validation of an auto-sample protocol which would be performed by skippers on board of their vessels, or reciprocally, when a scientific institute informs the Fisheries Committees that skippers will be asked for collecting data at sea or testing new selective gears.

Since 2010, new programs have been launched, such as:

  • Jumper (2013-2014): this project, carried on by the CNPMEM in partnership with Ifremer and the company Morgère aims at the optimization of a port trawl door prototype with low impact on the environment, low fuel consumption and to develop a monitoring system of that prototype impacts.
  • Car Rejet (2012-2014): This project is a study on waste characterization carried on by the Ifremer. As a contribution to this specific project the CNPMEM has recruited and is now supervising a dedicated project manager. Car Rejet combines statistical analysis of data collected from marine fishing activities and from in situ interviews with professionals, in order to notice the factors influencing wastes, their origins, and to find solutions to reduce them.
  • Valuation of fishermen empiric knowledge (2012): this project consists in an internship, in partnership with Agro Campus Ouest, Bordeaux Sciences Agro and Planète Mer. On the first hand, this project led to a more accurate overview of the research on the valuation of fishermen empiric knowledge and the discovery of new approaches. On the other hand, it has created a dynamic between the CNPMEM and local actors, notably by integrating the CNPMEM in valuation projects.


Mis à jour le 27 March 2015